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January 2021 Update

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Several additions and fixes.


  • We fixed an issue related to the live chat software that was causing some services to load slowly in the order form.
  • The knowledge base comments were fixed.


  • Subscriptions may now be deleted one year after cancellation to keep things organized in your client area.
  • Filtering options have been added for invoices, services, and transactions to help you find information faster.
  • You can now access your email history log from the client area.
  • You can now access your orders and cancel them from the client area.
  • If you are not using the email address as the username to log in, you can now recover it using your email address.
  • Email notifications on Support Portal have been improved to take better advantage of your mail reader's ability to group messages into conversations and threads.
  • Searching on Support Portal has been improved.
  • Refund Policy updated.
  • Spam Policy created.
  • You can now unblock your IP address when using any of our web hosting packages or managed services. Some services are not integrated with this feature yet.

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