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Common HAProxy issues

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Before anything else, make sure the services are working on the specified IP addresses and ports by accessing the services directly. For example, if it's Apache or Nginx working on Port 80, you can access it directly in your browser by using the server's IP where it is supposed to be working.

1. If you cannot access the service directly, something can be wrong on the server where you have such service installed. If this is the case, access the server where this service is supposed to be working and troubleshoot accordingly. Once you can access this service directly, and if you still have issues with HAProxy, return to this article and follow the remaining steps.

2. If you can access the service(s) directly, re-check the configuration of HAProxy. Confirm the IP Address(es) and/or Ports(s) of the service(s) are correctly configured.

3. If you are sure the configuration of HAProxy is correct, verify the Firewall rules of both servers. If you are not an expert on Firewalls, we suggest temporarily disabling the firewall on the related servers to make sure. If this resolves your issue, you may want to contact us to assist in configuring your firewalls on each server.

4. Finally, make sure both servers can ping each other to confirm the network is working correctly between them.

If you can connect to the services directly, the firewall is turned off, and both servers can ping each other; most likely, it is something related to the HAProxy configuration.

There are some options (free and paid) if you still require assistance.

If you have an unmanaged server and would like to receive assistance for free, we need to receive the following information from you:

  • screenshots of the network (e.g., ifconfig) related with each server,
  • the haproxy.cfg configuration file attached,
  • a screenshot showing the servers pinging each other (if possible),
  • screenshot of the service (e.g., service httpd status) which HAProxy tries to access is working on each server.

If it is something simple to resolve, we may be able to point you in the right direction (it is possible that you missed something). If you cannot provide the information above, we will send you a quote to check and fix the issue. Or, if you prefer to have one of our experts check and fix the issue for you only this time, you can request a quote immediately.

Alternatively, request a quote to subscribe for a fully managed service. The managed service can be assigned for a specific service or all related servers.

If the information above helps solve your technical issue, let us know. Feel free to provide feedback to improve this article.

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