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Customer expectations when using our best-effort support

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This article is to outline customer expectations when using our best-effort support and clarify how it works.

What you can expect for support requests, such as:

  • "my wordpress website stopped working out of nowhere after installing a plugin."
  • "the webserver on my unmanaged server crashed."
  • "I need help to change a DNS entry on my service."
  • "Assist me in creating an email account."

We provide best-effort support in such cases. You can read more about it in detail within our support policy.

In short, when you don't know how to do a specific task, either it is related to our tools we provide to manage your service, or on your web application (e.g., Wordpress), we will most likely send a tutorial or a guide to assist you.

If you run into issues that are not related to our service or just don't know how to follow a specific instruction, we will do our best to help and clarify such steps by providing additional details.

If, for some reason, you keep having issues or difficulties following the instructions we sent, we will do our best to help you even more by clarifying the instructions. In the last case scenario, we will send a quote to execute the task on your behalf.

Things you should also know

In the first 30 days, as a new customer, you may receive real-time support for your service through Live Chat or Telegram.

After the first 30 days, you can send an email, open a ticket, or schedule a live chat session to receive best-effort support. Alternatively, you may subscribe to an Unlimited Professional Service plan if you would like to keep receiving best-effort support directly through Live Chat or Telegram without scheduling a chat session.

We provide high-quality services on a budget, please do not consider you will have "your system administrator, developer or IT consultant for $5/month" (independently of the amount you are paying). Once again, you may subscribe to an Unlimited Professional Service plan if you would like to have our team working and executing tasks on your behalf.

Lastly, we may resolve issues outside of our responsibility (e.g., on your Wordpress installation) to help you get started within the first 30 days, but do not assume we will keep doing it for free in the future.

Thank you for reading and your preference.

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