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Do you accept adult content on your servers?

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Yes, pornographic content is allowed on our servers.

For the moment, we only have servers in countries where pornographic content is allowed. If that changes, we will update this article accordingly.

From time to time, we receive messages from different kinds of people, asking us to stop allowing pornographic content on our servers. While some people are simply against pornographic content for different reasons (e.g. political, religious, or any other concerns), others raised the concern that our services couldn't be fast and stable because we are allowing pornographic content on our servers.

Rest assured, we won't allow hosting pornographic content in countries where pornographic content is forbidden. In other words, we accept pornographic content on our servers only when the law of the country accepts it as well. As a company, we do not participate in political or religious statements. If the law of a specific country changes, we will update our terms and services as well.

Concerning the stability and performance of our servers. Usually, websites hosting pornographic content require additional resources (e.g. CPU and RAM) because of the amount of traffic this kind of website usually receives. If you do not have a website hosting pornographic content, you do not have anything to worry about. In short, all accounts are limited to the subscribed resources to make sure it doesn't affect any other account on the same physical machine.

If you have any additional questions concerning this topic, please contact us.

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