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How can I upgrade/downgrade my server?

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You can easily upgrade or downgrade your server at any time through your Dashboard.

  1. Access your Dashboard.
  2. In the Services section, click on the Manage button of the corresponding server you would like to upgrade or downgrade.
  3. Click on the Change Package button to upgrade or downgrade. You may also take the opportunity to change the billing cycle.
  4. Click on the Review button to proceed. A pro-rated calculation will be performed, and you will be informed about the amount to pay.
  5. Click on the Save button to confirm (or Cancel). If you proceed, the Dashboard will request a payment (if necessary).
In case you decided something else after clicking the Save button, and there is a payment pending, the changes will be canceled after 72 hours. You may also pay for the changes and then return to your previous plan (or choose something else entirely).

Alternatively, you may contact us, and we will cancel your changes as soon as possible (guaranteed within 24 hours, between Monday and Friday).

Please note, it is not possible to shrink the storage automatically at this time. If you wish to downgrade the primary storage of a server, the only way is to get a new server, transfer your data, and then cancel the old server.

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