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How to include any of our services as part of a contract?

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Are you working on a website for a client? Does your client require to have a server for his website?

Our services are tailored to you and your client. Here are some benefits and key features below.

You are a developer

  • Depending on the kind of contract with your customer, you can set up any service and forget it.
  • Pay for the necessary services in advance (e.g., 1-year advance), and put that expense on the contract's invoice.

You are the client

  • OPENVSERVERS services are easy to use
  • Upgrade at any time as needed in 1 click using your preferred payment method (e.g. Credit Card, Paypal)
  • Chat with our support directly using your preferred contact method (e.g., Web, Telegram, Facebook)

We have some billing features specially designed for website contracts.

  • Pay in advance, or yearly (rather than monthly)

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