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Resource Limit Reached

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Resource Limit Reached is a message that may appear when you have Cloudlinux installed on your server.

Essentially, this message means the web hosting account reached the limit of resources assigned to it. These resources may include CPU usage, RAM usage, or the number of concurrent processes running at the same time.

Does it mean the web hosting account is suspended?

You will never get the web hosting account suspended because of reaching the limit of resources. Whenever a web hosting account reaches the limit of resources, every fault seen within the resource usage details represents a visitor that couldn't open the website; have opened the website more slowly; or an action that couldn't be completed successfully due to the lack of resources.

In other words, it simulates a dedicated server without enough resources at a specific moment. To clarify, while a particular visitor may not open the website correctly, another visitor could visit your site normally.

How can I fix it?

A resource usage spike now and then, in most cases, is nothing to be worried. These spikes are generally caused by bots crawling your website at specific times, cronjobs, automated checks, pings, updates, or anything else related to your CMS.

Nevertheless, you can check if you can optimize your website. If it's already optimized as much as possible, you may want to compare the number of visitors you had on your website at a specific time to check if the resource usage is within typical values. If it's not, something else may be running alongside your website.

In case everything is considered to be normal, the only fix would be to increase the resources of the web hosting account.

Additional Information

3rd party themes or plugins that are installed on any CMS (e.g., Wordpress) can be the cause for a web hosting account to reach the limit of resources.

For example, if you have a WordPress website, unless you know already which one is causing the issue, we suggest to disable all plugins. You can then reactivate the plugins one by one until you find which one is causing the web hosting account to reach the limit of resources.

Some plugins, 3rd party themes, or specific CMS are heavy by nature, such as some shopping cart (e.g., Magento) or event calendar plugins. If your website experiences high peaks of traffic regularly, we would suggest considering to increase the resources of the web hosting account unless you can disable plugins or optimize the code of the website to reduce the resource usage. 

Whenever this is the case, the more visitors your site receives, the more likely your site will use more resources, slow down, and reach the limit of resources.

If any specific pages or actions requested have speed issues, an increase in inbound traffic or concurrent page requests can push the site over its resource limits. Demanding backend operations such as imports or exports may create a significant load, which in addition to regular traffic, can make the web hosting account to reach the limit of resources as well.

Web crawlers making a high number of requests per second can also help the web hosting account to reach the limit of resources.

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