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Time to first byte (TTFB)

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Time to First Byte (TTFB) is the total time spent to receive the first byte of the response once it has been requested.

TTFB is one of the key performance indicators of your website and includes the time it takes for your server to process your website at a development and server level.

TTFB calculation is usually based on multiple factors such as network transfer speeds, latency, efficiency of the application code, and performance of the server. In case any of those elements are slow, your TTFB is affected.

Kindly note, there are several definitions of TTFB - depending on what browser or third-party service you are using to calculate it. We suggest consulting the documentation of your browser or third-party service you are using to understand how TTFB is being calculated. For example, in GTMetrix it is the sum of “Redirect Duration” + “Connection Duration” + “Backend Duration”.

There are several ways to improve TTFB:

  • optimizing your application code (including database queries)
  • Implementing server-side caching
  • upgrading your service plan or server hardware for more CPU or memory resources

Kindly note, upgrading your service plan or server hardware won't work if your application code is woefully inefficient. In other words, all the hardware resources in the world won't reduce load times if your application code is inefficient.

In case your website depends on a third-party resource hosted on a third-party server, it may also affect TTFB.

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