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What happens if my service is suspended or terminated due to unlawful conduct?

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Your service may be suspended or terminated due to unlawful conduct.

For example, you may get your service suspended for performing DDoS attacks or for sending spam repeatedly.

In case you do not know how to secure your server, you may need to have a managed service or hire specialized professionals to secure your web application.

Is it possible to restore my service?

It will depend on the situation and if it was the first time happening. Depending on the case, we contact you before we suspend or terminate your service to give you time (up to 24 hours) to correct the problem. If the issue is not resolved within the time frame, in normal circumstances, it is still possible to restore your service.

We reserve the right to charge up to 30 USD per each time we have to restore your service. We only charge this amount in rare situations. We can tell you that since 2008 we have only charged this amount once due to the continuous negligence of a client.

What happens to my data if it is not possible to restore my service?

When your service is permanently suspended or terminated, we will let you know about it and ask if you need a backup of your data. All data will be saved for at least ten days. After ten days, we may still have a copy of your data, but we cannot guarantee it unless you have a paid backup service.

Usually, paid backup services are not suspended, and therefore you may be able to retrieve your data whenever you want. Also, any data within paid backup services will be kept for as long you continue paying for it.

Can you provide temporary access to retrieve my data?

In case you don’t have access or any paid backup service, we would hope that somehow you create and have your backups.

However, in case you don’t have any backups of your own, you can still gain access to your data for 30 USD. The amount charged may include direct access to your data or backups up to 2 TB of disk space.

If you have more than 2 TB of disk space and in the case, for some reason, we cannot give you direct access to your data, we will charge 30 USD per 2 TB of disk space.

Each time the amount is charged will give you 30 days to retrieve your backups.

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