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Where can I find my backups?

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The location of your backups depends on the service you have purchased.

Reseller or Web Hosting Service with DirectAdmin

After logging into Directadmin for the corresponding web hosting account, you can find your daily backups in the Extra Features -> Backup Manager option. If there are still no backups available, it is because the account is less than 24 hours old.

If you have performed manual backups through DirectAdmin, you can find your backups in the folder named backups at the root of your web hosting account.

Other Cold Storage Backups

We may have other backups stored on storage units that are not accessible online or within a click. These backups are not always guaranteed - especially if there is no backup plan associated with your service.

It is possible to request a copy of one of these backups. However, due to the time and labor associated with searching for and transferring one of these backups, it is necessary to make a payment corresponding to the size of your backup.

The amount charged to start a search and create a copy of your backup costs 30 USD / per 2 TB of data. This survey can take up to 72 business hours.

If your order is urgent, for an additional 70 USD, we can prioritize your order and ensure that the survey ends in the next 12 hours (including weekends and holidays).

Please note that there is a risk that there is no backup of your data. If so, that is, if your backup does not exist, we will provide the amount you paid as a credit to your client account.

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