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Zeus hypervisor maintenance: replacement of two storage devices

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2020.08.04 (7:49 am EST): The hypervisor is back online. The technician reported that a cable was disconnected, and it was necessary to reconfigure the booting order of the storage devices.

2020.08.04 (6:30 am EST): Maintenance started. The hypervisor is now offline.

2020.08.04 (3:38 am EST): We found another storage device with technical issues and scheduled a new maintenance window for the same day at 6:30 am EST.

2020.08.04 (2:56 am EST): Maintenance finished, and the hypervisor is back online.

2020.08.04 (2:28 am EST): We started the replacement of two storage differences belonging to two different raid arrays. The hypervisor is now offline.

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